Group Tour, Anyone?

When you decide to spend your hard earned money on a holiday there are many things to consider. Perhaps the first thing to decide is whether you and your travelling companions will opt for a group tour or head out on your own. Here are a few things to think about before you decide. Pros of […]

Road Warriors

As the sweat drips off your forehead, you realize there is nothing royal about riding in a 3-wheeled scooter but then you catch a break as the vehicle stutters to start you feel the air whisk through your hair, but it’s more like a blow dryer set on high burning your face instead of a […]

Monkey Business

No matter where you travel to in Southeast Asia, there is one thing you can count on — the presence of monkeys. We often forget about this fact until we are confronted with one of these sneaky primates. The Western tourist thinks monkeys are sweet, furry, adorable and personable little creatures, but after that tourist […]

Business Basics- II

In Business Basics – Part I, we talked about the pitfalls that could turn your business dream into a monetary nightmare. In this feature, we cover the check boxes that should be ticked in order to ensure a venture’s success. Have a plan. It is always good to have a well thought through, exhaustive plan of […]

Business Basics- I

Where most entrepreneurs struggle through the experience of raising a successful venture, to some it comes naturally. Business aspirants either soar with their success stories that constitute hard work, smart decisions and oodles of sacrifice, or despair with money and hopes invested but no indication of a return. Unless you are a born business man with enviable trade […]

Why Not Start A Business

Most people ask, why should I start my own business? Well, ask yourself just the opposite; why not start your own business? You could start listing off one excuse after another right now. But, before you get ahead of yourself…   Almost anything you think of will fall into one of these categories. There are 2 primary […]

Stress Combat

Eliminating stress from our lives is impossible. We can learn to limit or avoid stress but we always must have a strategy in place to manage stress.   Recognize stress. Unless you admit to yourself that you are stressed out, it is impossible to take the necessary steps to de-stress. There is nothing wrong with admitting […]

From Calcutta to Kolkata – A Few Travel Essentials II

What to eat?   Bengali’s just love to eat, may it be something spicy or sweet. Given a mind boggling array of food items that Calcutta has to offer at relatively low prices, compared to other Indian cities, it would be a sin to not have walked the eat streets of the city. The most […]

From Calcutta to Kolkata – A Few Travel Essentials I

In spite of Calcutta being rechristened as Kolkata, this more than 300 year old ‘City of Joy’ has not changed much. The erstwhile capital of British India and presently the capital of the state of West Bengal, Calcutta is located at the easternmost side of the Indian sub continent.  The city is generally hot and […]

Bring Order to Chaos

If you work from home or own a business where you have limited space, you probably know how easy it is for your work area to get cluttered, dysfunctional and next to impossible to work in. Does your desk look like the scene of a crash landing? Are things so far buried in your desk […]